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The Shot Clock Masters 2018 will be held from 7th to 10th June 2018 at the Diamond Country Club in Atzenbrugg and will make history this year! Click on the respective links and inform yourself about Austria’s only European Tour tournament in detail. If you have any questions, please send us a mail to am@golfopenevent.com!


What a brilliant idea, and long overdue.

Lee Westwood

It underlines how long 40 seconds is to play a shot and how ridiculous it is that rounds take so long. The sooner it’s introduced on tour, the better.

Andy Sullivan

One thing‘s for sure, the Austrian Open, perhaps for the first time ever, becomes must-watch golf.

Ben Alberstadt

There is no doubt that this gonna brings more media attention. I am sure I am turning in if I am not playing over there. I think a lot of players and caddies may learn something about themselves, maybe some players might even realize: Hey, I play better when I am playing in this style. We will learn a lot.

Trevor Immelman

With this change, there will be much more attention from the international sports media during the tournament. The new Shot Clock format is an ideal way to focus on the issue of pace of play.

Bernd Wiesberger
Press release European Tour

I personally think it’s a great idea and will definitely speed up play, which is badly needed. It’s a great idea for the Tour as shows we are keen to try new ideas to speed up play. I also think it will show a lot of players how slow they really are as quite a few of them don’t actually think they’re that slow.

Paul Lawrie
The Scotsman

Congratulations @EuropeanTour. After 30 yrs a deterrent that will work. Pace of play has been determined by the slowest player for too long.

Colin Montgomerie

The 50 seconds and the 40 seconds certainly provide enough time. I don’t think they’re going to be an issue. However, it’s obviously a different thing when you have a difficult shot, even if there are the two ‘time-outs’ on offer. You would certainly want one of those available for the short 12th at Augusta where it takes ages to decide what’s going on with the wind.

Henrik Stenson

Be there when the premiere of the Shot Clock Masters goes on stage at the Diamond Country Club. The “fight against the clock” promises tension from the first to the last shot. Here you will find all the information about the tickets!


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The Shot Clock Masters is the only European Tour Tournament in Austria. You want to report from the tournament in Atzenbrugg? Please register for the Shot Clock Masters 2018! Please fill out the form of accreditation and send it back to media@golfopenevent.com!


From June 7 to 10 the “Shot Clock Masters 2018” will take place at the Diamond Country Club and feature a trendsetting innovation. By now the tournament in Austria has become an integral element of the European Tour calendar and this year’s edition will have particular significance due to the introduction of the “shot clock”.


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What you should know about the Shot Clock Masters

In a nutshell: it is a clock which is counting down a certain period of time. To be more precise, it is a display as it is used already in other sports like basketball, water ball, tennis or billiard. It shows the remaining seconds until the end of the so-called “attack time”. In golfing the shot clock is intended to display a countdown before each shot.

In recent years the pace of play has been a big issue of discussion among players, spectators and tournament organizers – in particular, if players were taking their time – too much time – for their rounds. Thus the European Tour made it their business to make the game in the future faster and thus also more interesting and attractive.

For many years the organizers of the tournament have been reliable partners for the European Tour and have times and again shown their readiness and willingness to implement new ideas and innovations in the context of their tournament (e.g. “Beat the Pro” competition) with the necessary professionalism. Thus the organizers’ answer was prompt and clear when the European Tour issued the request to use the shot clock in the competition.

The tournament in Austria has already quite a tradition which will be maintained, the competition format stays the same. The competition will still use the stroke play scoring system over 18 holes and four days. What changes is the number of participants: a maximum of 120 players will tee-off in Atzenbrugg; the cut will include the best 65 plus ties.

Summarized in one sentence: The whole tournament becomes more technical and digital. Each flight will be accompanied by a referee with an e-cart on which a digital clock is mounted, visible for everybody. By means of a tablet computer the referee operates the clock/the display. Of course, the shot clock will also be visible during TV broadcasts.

Simply stated: the referees will move more to the foreground during the whole competition, their role becomes much more significant. There will be more referees on site than during previous tournaments, 24 to be precise. In the run-up to the Shot Clock Masters the selected referees will have a special clinic to prepare them for the event.

In general, the “40-seconds-rule” applies, i.e. the player has to carry out his shot within 40 seconds. In certain situations players will have 50 seconds: for each first shot onto the green. This includes the tee-off on a par 3, each second or third approach on a par 4 or par 5, or each first chip onto the green. Similarly, the player who is the first to putt on the green will have 50 seconds to prepare for his shot.

The referee and the referee alone – he decides when to push the button and when to start the countdown. He will announce the start of the countdown with: “The time starts”, so that players do not have to look at the display all the time.

Players will incur a one-shot penalty which will also be shown on the leaderboard.

Basically, the event form June 7 to 10 will write history and influence the future of golfing considerably. Should the shot clock prove to be a positive innovation, it could be used at every bigger tournament on the Tour. The history of sports has shown repeatedly that certain changes of rules in various sports were extremely successful – take for example the back-pass rule in soccer or the tie-break in tennis which nowadays nobody would consider to question.